A little advice…

Hi, and welcome to our blog, Cows and the Kitchen! With this blog, we will try to provide handy money and time saving tips for all you ranchers’ wives, since we know how busy you are!

A couple helpful tips to start off with:

1. A warbex ladle can be rinsed and used in the stew you made for lunch – Lord knows you only have ten seconds to get in the house, set the table and serve lunch to the cowboys that you were just in the corral with all morning.

2. A large syringe can be “borrowed” from your husband’s stash and used to baste the Thanksgiving turkey.

3. Your crock pot CAN be your best friend – as long as you get up an hour before daylight so you can have lunch going by the time your husband wants his morning coffee on the way to the corral.


5 thoughts on “A little advice…

  1. Going to enjoy these, Trina. Our granddaughters and I enjoyed our trip to the Bradley Ranch last year during calving. Thank God for ranchers!!!!

    • Maggie, you don’t really need a needle for basting. Just a large syringe, I’d say at least 35cc. But, a lamb tuber syringe would work well too. It’s larger, with a bigger end. Incidentally, a lamb tuber with the orange rubber tube works well for giving calves enemas. Now, if you’re wanting to inject your turkey with some kind of flavor, such as whiskey, rum, tequila, etc., that’s when you want to use the needle on the same syringe you baste with. I’m gonna say 16 gauge or larger. Here’s a pet peeve, why is it that the larger the gauge of needle, the smaller the number? I betcha a woman didn’t come up with that! Good luck with your turkey! From the Old Cow. Trina’s the Young Cow, but definitely not a heifer anymore.

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