Trina, aka the Young Cow, did a wonderful job of introductions.  I just wanted to welcome you all to our new blog, too!  I’m the Old Cow, Sus.  There will be no mistaking me for a heifer.  To be honest, an efficient outfit would have culled me a long time ago.  I’m the kind you run open, because “she’s always been such a good old cow…..let’s give her one more chance.”  So what I lack in productivity, I make up for in experience.

Something important you should know about both of us is that we both grew up on ranches working for our dads.  I can already see some of your heads nodding.  So for those of you just starting out working with family, we’ve been there, done that, so please feel free to use us for advice, as  a sympathetic ear, or a shoulder to cry on.

Also know that while we say we hope to give advice, we welcome your ideas too, so please feel free to share great ideas and information.  With calving starting soon, we can all help each other.  There are no stupid questions!!!!!   


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