A few introductions…

Hi everyone. Hope you’re all keeping warm wherever you are. Its a balmy ten below here, but I saw wind blowing in the mountains today so I trust tomorrow will be warmer. If you’re not from the East Slope, here’s a little bit of trivia – yes, we actually CAN see the wind blow. Its one of the reasons we’re few and far between up here – there’s only so many people crazy enough to live in this wind blown country.

On to the introductions. This blog will be written by not only me, (apparently Susan decided I should be the Young Cow, since I am most definitely not a heifer anymore), but also the Old Cow, Susan, my BFF. Between the two of us, we have about 80-ish years of ranching experience. We’ve done everything. If it can happen on a ranch, we’ve done it or seen it. And, like so many females in the part of the country, we not only get the honor of being a ranch hand, but we also have perfected the art of a quick meal. In the last year alone, I was shoulder deep in more cows than I care to mention, gave mouth to mouth to a dying calf, AND hosted my very first Christmas, complete with a seven course meal AND red velvet cheesecake cake.

My point is, Sus and I are well versed in the art of ranching. And we’re going to do our best to take 80 years of experience and make something useful for you ranch wives – especially those of you that are just starting out and don’t know the unwritten rules of ranch wifing. We love feedback, so please leave us notes and let us know how we’re doing, or share a story, or make a suggestion for a future blog post!

Until next time,

Trina Jo


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