2015….and so it begins.

When Trina says she hopes I’ll post at least once a week, she means “I hope I don’t have to sit here and hit Sus with this stick until she posts.”
So I’m posting. Have a bit of news……we sold all our cows (except two) in the Fall (of 2014). It was a decision long in coming, but apparently a very good one, as we have no regrets at all.
We sit and have our coffee in the morning, and just smile as we watch the snow get higher and the temp get lower.
This Winter has started a lot like last Winter…..windy, cold and lots of snow. Was a tough calving season. That’s when the decision to sell first came up. I was watching my husband doing something and just said to myself, “This is it; we can’t do this anymore.”
Then we had an unexpected little flood the end of February – yes, a flood in Feb.!!!! – and the water was rising so we started moving cows and calves to higher ground. The last two calves were really young and kept trying to run back to the last place they saw their mamas.
Every time you stopped to catch your breath, they’d run back across the water. I thought my husband was going to have a heart attack, and actually wasn’t too sure I wouldn’t too.
He said if there was ever any question that we were selling, there was no doubt now! So we finally got the calves with there moms, we didn’t die, and the water started going down!
I did keep two cows; a pet and another one to keep her company. So I still have cows, so I’m still a rancher! Notice I said “I” kept two cows. The husband didn’t support this choice, and said he wasn’t having anything to do with them. I have yet to have to feed them in all this crappy weather. He says I’d break something. It’s always best to let the husband think he’s right, Hahahahahahahaha!
Trina just hit me with the stick and said I’m getting too wordy, so better go.
See you next week!  Sus


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