A New Dawn, A New Day

Wow. My last post was almost a year ago…I really need to keep up on this!!!
Here’s an update – we finished calving, got everything branded, got our cows out to summer pasture…the summer was a BLUR. I still haven’t caught up and now we’re weeks from calving again!
Some exciting things from my year:
Our daughter, Shayna, is having a baby at the end of February! I am both excited and horrified to be a grandmother…excited because, well, obviously…horrified, because I’m 35…but, I’ll be the cool, young grandma and that works for me.
Our daughter, Kadence, got a sassy Shetland pony in July named Salsa – and boy is she spicy – and she and Kadence have become great friends. Kadence and Salsa will start barrel racing this summer – which also excites and horrifies me!
I got a new horse a couple weeks ago – a beautiful, gentle red roan named Jim. I am working on putting some weight on him now, and I think by spring he’ll be ready for some long hours. I sure have missed riding, so I am working hard to get myself in good shape by then so it won’t hurt so bad!!!
We made it through fall – gathering, preg testing, shipping, and then we had a nice month of November where we basically did nothing.
So here’s my new year’s resolution – I will do my best to post at least every other week, and Sus will do the same – I hope…
If there’s anything you want us to talk about, please feel free to ask!!! We’re here for you. 😉
Until next time….
Trina Jo


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