The Life of a Rancher’s Wife

So I asked for some ideas for future blog posts, and my dear friend Bev sent me MANY questions, so I’ll start by answering a few of them at a time, and hopefully I can get through them all in a timely fashion.

What’s a typical day for a ranch wife?

Typical is not in my vocabulary, unless you say I typically never have an ordinary day. 🙂 Lately, my days go like this: get up. Get the girl up. Get her dressed, fed and ready for school. Argue about homeschooling, wearing gloves, getting up early, etc. Get her on the bus. Get home. Eat breakfast. Head out to feed – some days I feed cake in half an hour, some days I’m out till noon turning out pairs and helping my husband with various barn chores. Come home for lunch. Facebook for a while. Work on paperwork. Put something in the crock for dinner, or at least thaw out some meat! Try to get ahead of the housework – never happens. Taxes. Paperwork. Then all of a sudden its time to get Kadence off the bus. Or, if its Tuesday and its my turn to drive, I get three girls off the bus and head to Conrad for gymnastics. Get home around 7:30. Hurry up and feed Kadence and help her with homework. Send her to bed. SIGH. If its not Tuesday, I get Kadence off the bus, do homework. Have a snack. Go out and do barn chores – check cows, take care of things in the barn, put the cows in if its cold. Go home, get dinner on the table. Get the girl to bed. SIGH. Start all over again the next day.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes my days are not really busy, and I can get my house mostly clean AND have dinner ready at a normal time. A lot of the time, between the ranch, the post office (I’m a PMR in Dupuyer) and my photography business, I am so busy rushing that I rarely have time to just chill, except in the evenings, when I refuse to work.

What do you do on winter evenings?

On winter evenings, we watch a lot of TV. Well, my husband does. I read a lot, or Kadence and I do crafts. The worst thing about school is that she has to go to bed by 7, and she doesn’t get off the bus till 4-ish. So that doesn’t give us a whole lot of time for anything besides homework, chores and dinner. But we try.

Do you stockpile some things in case you’re snowed in?

I try to. I have staples – we won’t starve. A freezer full of beef helps. Lots of canned food, and frozen when I can do it. I load up on groceries about once a month. We gave a grocery store 16 miles away, and I try to stock up on things when they have sales. Otherwise, its a couple hours round trip to go to a “big” grocery store.

Do you have a well for water in your area, or what is your water source?

Luckily, we do have a well – two, in fact. We rarely run out of water, so that’s one less thing we have to worry about.

And with that, I’m off to feed and turn out a bunch of pairs. Hopefully I’ll have time in the next couple days to answer more questions!!! And please, KEEP THEM COMING!!!

Until next time,

Trina Jo