Hi, my name is Trina, and I am a rancher’s wife. I am also mommy to a seven year old tomboy, owner of Dragonfly Photography, and a Postmaster Relief at the Dupuyer Post Office. I also have a degree in Ag Business, which comes in handy once in a while, since I’m in charge of the books.

I grew up on a ranch about 20 miles from here, and since my daddy didn’t raise any GIRLS I worked alongside my daddy and my brother every day. BUT, my daddy also wanted to raise me to be a good wife, so my mama taught me all the ins and outs of cooking, baking, cleaning, motherhood, and she gave me the beginnings of an education in ranch wifery. I married my rancher 10 1/2 years ago, and in that time I’ve learned so many things – some good, some not so good. I also learned that we make a great team 97% of the time, and that’s pretty impressive if you consider all the things that can and do go wrong when you own livestock.

I love what I do – I love the lifestyle, I love my husband, I love every single cow out in the pasture. Okay, that’s a lie. There’s one out there that I LOATHE entirely…I love that I can raise my little girl the same way I was raised, and have the opportunity to teach her how to work, and how to work HARD, so she can someday grow up and take over this place so her daddy and I can retire on an island somewhere.

I am hoping Susan will see that I wrote my story and that she writes one of her own. 😉

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