Wow, its been a while! Here’s an update (and an excuse why I haven’t written for two months). We’re almost done calving – 18 to go!!! I’ve finally convinced the weather to cooperate to get a few more photo shoots done – I still have one senior to finish before he graduates next month! We branded at a neighbor’s house a couple weekends ago – always a good time visiting and checking in with people we haven’t seen forever. Last weekend we branded at my dad’s house, which meant on top of getting our butts worked off we also get to have a semi family reunion – both my brothers and my sister were there, so that always makes for a good time!
We’re branding this weekend – and yes, of course the forecast says we’re going to get snow on Saturday and the high will be 31 degrees. SO, my husband decided this morning we’d better brand Friday instead. Which means we have a smaller crew, which means I will somehow manage to spend the day in the corral working cows and helping brand, as well as finding time to put lunch together in some sort of orderly fashion. Don’t feel bad – I’d MUCH rather be in the corral than in the kitchen, but alas…that’s my lot in life. Its not a lot, but its my life. (Feel free to laugh out loud for my benefit. I’m feeling witty today.)
Those of you that are ranchy know how much work there is to do leading up to branding. Yesterday morning, we moved all the cows closer to the barn, and then I showered and headed the 100 miles to the nearest “big” city (Great Falls) and spent the day getting branding supplies and food. Unfortunately, that meant a trip to my FAVORITE (did you hear the sarcasm?) store WALMART. My first cart was filled to the brim with beer, pop, bottled water and paper plates. Check out, take it to the car, unload, go back in, spend the next two hours filling the cart AGAIN to the brim with food for lunch. Check out, deal with the absolutely RUDE women behind me in line – I don’t care if you speak spanish, or any language, but don’t get all up in my space and then be rude to me in spanish when I tell you to move so I can pay for my damn groceries…take it to the car, unload, call husband – I’M DONE!!! – and then crap…I forgot batteries for the hot shot…BACK into the store. I swear I’m going to shoot someone. Maybe carrying a gun in my purse is a bad idea…Why is everyone in the city of Great Falls at Walmart RIGHT NOW?!?!?! Get in the car…breathe…

Today, I’m paying bills, editing pictures, making graduation announcements, cleaning the house, putting the groceries away, and then I’m off to a 4-H meeting, and then gymnastics, and then a school board meeting. My husband is just as busy – fixing the corrals, getting all his branding supplies in one place, figuring out who’s going to do what on Friday…its a big week.

I don’t know that this post has a point – I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you. 🙂

Now that she's six, she's FINALLY big enough to push calves!

Now that she’s six, she’s FINALLY big enough to push calves!